Spotlight Drives SUCCESS

Actionable Data Provides key indicators of what your customers are buying and why, giving you exceptional ROI Updates & Alerts.

Email Alerts and dashboard views ensure you stay on top of daily business intelligence reports.

Spotlight S.I. gathers, analyzes and reports on business activity, allowing you to detect consumer trends, streamline supply chain and accounting and make smarter business decisions faster.

Spotlight can fly you from tables to interactive visualizations to dashboards in a few clicks. Plus, you can give colleagues, customers and partners the tools they need to answer their own questions simply by logging onto a secure website.

Spotlight SI’s high speed predictive BI algorithm provides grocery retail healthcare the ability to “see” operational statically metrics decisions faster down to the minute.

The result is more accurate decision reduce overheads, streamline and drive bottom line reporting with built in email alert reporting ROI is achieved with better response to business issues and a reduction in overheads 

Spotlight solution is a SaaS private/public hybrid solution using the Microsoft Azure DB platform and Excel SSRS and Power BI.

Spotlight is designed by professionals with CPA and MCS Software Engineering skill set in the retail grocery, health care, pharma and financial vertical markets. 

Spotlight can return An ROI of 20% based on

  • Increase in gross profit of one to five percent
  • Reduction in over head costs and streamlined reporting
  • Improved cash flow

Spotlight is a SAAS Cloud application repository that has the following modules

  • KPI Key Performance Reporting Email Alert Reporting
  • DEW Distant Early Warning
  • Supply Chain
  • Treasury Management Sales and Cash / Bank Reconciliation
  • Royalty Ad Fund Billing

Spotlight, Guarantee. Spotlight only charges for software once your team signs off that we have delivered a solution that show a positive ROI.

Spotlight Contact Information:
Shaun Minett
Direct 1-416-525-2135