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Spotlight helps you make wiser business decisions more efficiently


Spotlight SI develops high speed predictive analytics solution for the Retail Health Care and Banking Verticals Spotlight created a high-speed algorithm that delivers reliable, high-performing, cost-effective solutions for helping supply chain operational and financial mangers make more informed decisions faster.  Optimization occurs across the whole organization. Spotlight technology platform is based on the Microsoft Azure platform and Power BI reporting tools.


Spotlight S.I. modules will give you;


    • Comprehensive cost and retail reporting
    • On-demand exception based reporting
    • Exception Based Business Intelligence Reporting
    • Key performance Indicator (KPI)
    • Royalty Ad Fund Management
    • Sales and Cash Management
    • Retail and Cost  Accounting
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Integration to 3rd Party POS, DSD, Payroll and Wholesaler Systems
    • GMROI
    • Front-end Gross Product Movement
    • Customer Intimacy
    • Operational / Financial Reporting
    • Budgeting/Forecast


Vertical Target Markets


The business sectors the application is designed for are health care, retail and franchising.   These verticals have between 5 and 3000 locations with revenues of between 10 Million and 15 Billion in revenue.


Saas ERP Solutions


    1. Spotlight Drug Supply Chain Saas ERP Solution
    2. Spotlight Franchisor Saas ERP Solution
    3. Spotlight Grocery Chain Saas ERP Solution
    4. Spotlight Health Care Saas ERP Solution
    5. Spotlight Restaurant Saas ERP Solution
    6. Spotlight Retail Saas ERP Solution
    7. Spotlight Food Drug Saas KPI Solution