Actionable Data

Provides key indicators of what your customers are buying and why, giving you exceptional ROI

Updates & Alerts

Email Alerts and dashboard views ensure you stay on top of daily business intelligence reports


Compatible with e-commerce sites, providing visibility into on-line consumer activity

Hosting Options

SAS, Private/Public Cloud or
on-site deployment customized for your work environment


Spotlight S.I. gathers, analyzes and reports on business activity, allowing you to detect consumer trends, streamline accounting and make smarter business decisions faster.

Quick Web Reporting

Immediate, on-demand web reporting.
Access whenever and wherever you want it

Powerful KPI

Key Performance Indicators that will put power behind your next move

Hosting Options

SAS, Private /Public Cloud or On- Site Deployment

Marketplace Solutions

EDI Integration Vendors, Wholesalers, Banks

Data Interfaces

Get real-time views into POS, DSD, Warehouses, Payroll, Time and Attendance

Work Flow Analysis

Built-in workflow analysis to streamline operations


Seamless integration with industry standard Supply Chain, Host Pricing, POS, Microsoft Office and Back Office products -- plus, e-commerce capability!

Outstanding ROI

Competitive price-to-performance ratio in its market


Supports from 5 to 1,000 active users

Our services

We create business intelligence software that analyzes and reports on Customer Demographics, Financial and Operational KPI and our new module “DEW” (Distant Early Warning) for high transaction industries such as retail, finance, government and healthcare.


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Spotlight S.I. Inc, is a Microsoft business partner who develops SaaS Cloud solutions in the following verticals: Retail, Health and Financial.

Spotlight S.I. has it's business Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has Development Offices in Toronto, Canada.

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