Solution & Promise

Spotlight Predictive Analytics


Spotlight Predictive Analytics solution rectifies these customer pain points; 


  • Predictability the ability to safeguard/project the future
  • Speed of reporting
  • Timeliness of reporting
  • Integration of data from third party application(s)
  • Accuracy of data from other systems in the organization

Spotlight’s Software As A Service (SAAS)


Spotlight is a SAAS application was designed to give high speed KPI – Key Performance Analytics Information to operational, supply chain and financial users of the organization.  Spotlight is developed on the Microsoft Azure platform optimized for predictive analytics and high-speed reporting.


The ROI for Spotlight customers is based, faster reporting for better decision making with less labor in the supply chain / category item management, operational, merchandising financial and IT areas.


Spotlight created a method of storing the data based on the users needs so that data was stored so that the results of where on – demand available to end users without having to re -run reports.


The data types stored are


  • Metrics Statistical: Weather, Labor Hours, Customer / Patient Counts
  • Financial
  • SKU: UPC


Audit trail of all data is tracked at the interface/ETL and stored in SQL tables on the Spotlight application.


The goal of the application is to provide high speed reporting for item, operation, financial, and item movement using Microsoft Reporting Services, Share Point and other Office applications.


Functionality includes Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) interfaces from third party applications that were either SQL data based and /or proprietary applications.




Spotlight can be deployed as follows;


In the Cloud


Microsoft Azure hosted environment using Microsoft Power BI


ON Premises


The application can be deployed onsite at a customer location using Microsoft Power BI Reporting services and Microsoft SQL Server.


Spotlight Data Storage


Data storage is designed to roll up data to the daily level and is stored by daily.

Reporting is designed to aggregate using algorithms from the day to any of the following

  • End of Minute
  • End of hour
  • End of Day
  • Week
  • Period / Month depending on the business requirements
  • Quarter
  • Year End


Spotlight Guarantee


You pay only for the project work until you tell us we can bill you monthly for the use of our software.

There is no contract with Spotlight. Customers can stop using our solution at any time.

Spotlight ROI, we deliver a positive ROI within 180 days.


Don’t waste your money on other solutions, the most competitive solution is Spotlight.